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Remotely managed companies nowadays have benefits.

As an employer:

  • you don't need an office
  • you don't need hardware for your employees
  • you don't have to select employees only from the local area
  • your employees are already equipped with hardware
  • you don't need to pay for bandwidth enough for comfortable work of many people
  • you don't need to buy fancy stuff for an office, e.g. ping-pong table, watercooler, etc.
  • you need less money to start your business
  • you can afford to run several businesses
  • you can travel and keep growing your business
  • you can decrease your carbon footprint to zero!

As an employee:

  • you can work with any company in the world
  • you don't need to spend time to commute
  • you can organize your workspace to your needs
  • you can benefit from online services such as to start working at no cost
  • you do not need to bother about dress-code
  • you can spend more time with your relatives and beloved
  • you will eat healthy food of your choice
  • you can work out as many times a day as you want
  • you choose the time to work - no more 9 to 5 schedule
  • you can attend conferences and keep working
  • no problem with scheduling a visit to a doctor, advocate, etc.
  • you can decrease your carbon footprint to zero!

These are the benefits of remote working.

The only thing that you should choose wisely the software stack that will allow you to achieve all of these advantages!

And which advantages in remote lifestyle do you know/fond of?

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