Buy Me A Coffee

The current decade is a time of explosive growth of a remote lifestyle.


These changes are upcoming thanks to world-wide-web that has reached every corner of our home planet and stretches to the orbit of the Moon.

Even Mars is nowadays is a part of the global web, though it is not yet publicly accessible.

The trick is that the web is not only the way to communicate.

It also allows you to share your goods, service, or content and to transfer money.

It is also important that it is irrelevant what kind of values are you offering - real-world or digital.

The modern logistics is a wonder of speed and quality.

Let's sum it up:

  • you can reach any person on this planet
  • you can deliver whatever you able to produce
  • you can receive money as a reward to your efforts

Doesn't it sound very attractive?

For me, it sounds very promising!

What is your opinion?

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