Once a man told me: Give me $100, and I will thank you. Teach me how to earn $100, and I will be your friend. Share your success with me, and I will support you forever. So, share your success with your friends to get their support and spread your knowledge everywhere.

Support plays a great role in our social lives. It can be a support of any kind: you can share your knowledge, you can teach people, you can take part in someone's life.

The number of ways you can support others is innumerable.

I'm living in a world of IT, and I can share about how you can support others:

  • You can contribute to the OSS projects. Each contribution matters.
  • You can share your insights, productivity hacks, newly obtained knowledge.
  • You can make your project an OSS. Thus, you will help others to save their time.
  • You can blog about new features, frameworks, libraries, approaches, etc. Spreading the knowledge will help you to solidify your skills.
  • You can become an advocate in your area of expertise.
  • You can help by promoting tools/projects which you like and use daily.
  • You can run a podcast, stream your knowledge using a platform of your choice.
  • You can create/edit documentation for OSS projects. This work is very important and done very poor often.

Moreover, any of the listed types of support will be to your benefit. By supporting others, you will create your portfolio and your legacy that will help you to get a job or to start your project!

In the age of the remote revolution, your online profile is one of the best assets you can create.

And that is awesome! You will achieve these goals by keeping your online profile outstanding and crisp:

  • You will obtain new knowledge. The more you know, the more freedom you have.
  • You will meet new people. You never know who of your peers can boost your career.
  • You can earn by supporting others. An explosive combination: learn and earn!
  • You will build the world you want to live in. "There's no fate but what we make" (c) The Terminator.

I hope that this post will help people to keep their heads up high and keep on going to their dreams, goals, whatever.

Who knows? Maybe your dream is also a dream of someone else. And by turning dreams into reality, you will support other people as well!

Thank you!

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